All East Central Catholic Schools are now using "PowerSchool" to manage student records. This includes all student and family demographics and student achievement.


This online system gives you complete access to your child's grade and attendance information. As this is our first year of implementation we are still working to populate all components of the system - new components are being added throughout the year.

Before you can access the system you need to create a master account that allows you to be associated with all the children in your household - this way you can see attendance and achievement records from one login. Your school will provide you with the following information for each child. 

Please note that while you may create more than one master account you can only associate an email once in our system. If you are sharing email accounts - you may also have to share this master account. For security reasons please keep your username and password and all ID and Password for account creation in a secure location. 

Your confidential ID and password - you will use this during your account creation process. You will need this information to associate each child in your household to your account. Each child has a unique parent Confidential ID and Password - so if you have 3 children in ECCS schools - you should have three unique parent ID and passwords to complete the sign up process.

For each child in your household, you should also receive a unique Confidential ID and password. Each child can login to the system with this ID and Password to view their own records - they can not see any other children's data in your account. You can give them their ID and password - they do not need to create an account.

Click here to access PowerSchool

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