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Catholic Education Sunday

On Sunday, November 4th students and staff from Christ-King School celebrated Catholic Education at mass with parishioners from Christ-King Catholic Church. Students participated in all parts of the mass - from readings to singing in the choir!

Afterwards, we enjoyed treats and a time of fellowship with the parishioners in the Parish Hall. It was a great day of celebrating and further growing our Faith Community!

"The universal call to holiness has particular importance in the life of a Catholic School. Catholic education invites students to respond to the personal call of Jesus to embark on a journey of holiness. They are encouraged to grow in the knowledge of how God is active and present in their lives. They are called to enter into a living relationship with God.

Catholic schools put Christ, the witness of faith, and the teachings of the Catholic Church at the center of the educational enterprise. By placing Christ at the center of all they are and all they do, Catholic schools make sure that a student’s journey into adulthood is also a journey of faith. A journey which recognizes that true knowledge, learning, justice, peace and human freedom are a response of love to the God who is Love.

We, the Alberta and NWT Bishops, are grateful for parents who entrust their children to our Catholic School system and for parishes that minister to them. On Catholic Education Sunday, we express our appreciation for the administrative, professional, pastoral and support staff, who are dedicated to the noble task of assisting children and youth to follow the call to greater holiness. They help students grow in the assured belief that God journeys with them." - Excerpt from the letter from the Catholic Bishops of Alberta for Catholic Education.

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