What is a School Council?

School councils consist of parents, principals, teachers, secondary students and community representatives who work together to support and enhance student learning. They provide a way for members of the community to consult with and offer advise to the principal and the school boards.

School Councils:

  • Focus on what is best for all students in the school

  • Consider the interests of all school stakeholders

  • Develop, maintain and reflect the culture of the school

  • Represent the parent voice in the school community

Each school board should have a school council. School councils are legislated under Section 22 of the School Act.

What is the Role of Parents?

Parents play an important role in student success. School councils allow parents to participate in decisions that impact student learning. By contributing knowledge, perspective and ideas at school council meetings, parents are actively contributing to the success of the school community.

Parents of students enrolled in the school must make up the majority of the school council. School councils may also decide to include one or more parents of children enrolled in an Early Childhood Services (ECS) program at the school or other individuals who have an interest in the school.

How Can I Join a School Council?

For more information about your school council or how to become a member, please contact the principal or school authority.

Information retrieved from Alberta Education

School Council Executive

Chair: Alisa Glasier

Vice Chair: Christine Quance

Secretary: Amanda Jackson

Treasurer: April Thomas

School Council Contact:

School Council Minutes

Annual General Meeting

February 2020

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